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Parts Catalog

Parts Catalog

An extensive catalog of PDFs featuring parts numbers, descriptions, specs, and diagrams.

Petroleum and Petrochem parts

API Reducers

Bottom Load heads

Brake Interlocks

Dry break adapters

Emergency valves

Emergency valve accessories

Flange adapters

Fusible plugs

Gaskets (TTMA & Sump)

Gate valves

Loading head (rack)

Manholes/Dome lids


Nozzles Fuel

Operators – Mechanical

Pressure/Vac vents

Product Delivery Elbows

Product ID markers

Sight glasses

SumpsSwivel joints

Swivel Joints

Vapor recovery accessories

Vapor recovery hoods

Vapor vents and valves

Wet-n-Dry valves – Betts & Civacon


Chemical and Petrochem Stainless Steel

Ball Valves S/S

Caps – Fusible & Accessories

Emergency unloading Fixtures

Emergency valves – SS


Hydraulic accessories

Hydraulic Pump(s)

Hydraulic valves external



Hydraulic valves internal

Hydrolet valve

Rupture discs

Sliding valves


Vents – Betts

Vents – Girard

Pneumatic – Dry Bulk

Aeration Pad

Aeration parts

Butterfly valves

Butterfly valve – flanges

Couplers – Vic. & Pipe

Filter tubes – porous



Hopper tees

Lift checks

Manholes/Dome lids

Morris coupling

Relief valves – Bayco & Kunkle

Relief valves – Sure Seal

Swing checks

Piping and Supplies



Flanges – couplings

Nipples – grooved

Pipe & U-bolts

Reducers – Allegheny

Tees & Crosses – Allegheny


Overfill Protection



Hose and Couplings


Hose – cement

Hose – chemical

Hose – drop

Hose – hot air

Hose – pump

Pumps, Blowers, Meters, and Hydraulics

Blackmer – TX1.5 to TX4A

Blackmer – Transmax

Hydraulic Cooler – Blackmer

Meters – FPP

Ranger Pump – Gear

Stainless Steel pump – STX3

General Tank Parts

Draw Bar (Silver Eagle)

Fenders and Accessories


Gloves, Paint & Bellows


Ground Reels

Grounding Ball & Petro-Dial

Hose Tubes and Accessories

Lights & Accessories(Betts)

Lights & Accessories(Betts LED)

Lights & Accessories (Peterson)

Light Boxes