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6200 Series Side Lever Type Drop Elbow



6200 Series Side Lever Type Drop Elbow

Part Number – 6200A
Style – Standard Height
Material – Aluminum
Inlet – 4” Adapter
Height – 17-3/4″
Fuel Compatability
Gasoline, Diesel, USLD, E10, E20, E85, E100, B2, B20
Weight Lb – 17.3000

Product Details


  • Ground clearance: 10-7/8″


  • Most parts are common through the Bayco elbow line, making any necessary maintenance a breeze.
  • Grease nipple enables the greasing of the lever stem, and Acetal bushings help keep everything moving smoothly, even in the harshest of conditions.
  • Bolt on inlets allow the inlet to be changed without having to worry about galling of threaded inlets.
  • Ball lever handle enables the operator to easily and positively engage the locking arms, onto the underground adapter.